Our Mission:

To simplify and elevate the fun of gift-giving, so that both the giver and the receiver will not only look good but feel even better! We do this by offering artfully arranged gift boxes that are filled with only the finest quality, responsibly-made, and useful items to indulge in and elevate our busy, everyday lives.  We're here to help every step of the way - from order placement through delivery!

Our Story:

Beneboon was born out of creative expression and a need to find beautiful, thoughtful, and cohesive gifts that stand apart from anything else. Maya, Founder & Designer, is passionate about making each gift arrangement thoughtful & meaningful. Relentlessly hunting for the best products to create the perfect packages that wow!  Her background in floral design seamlessly transitioned to curating gift arrangements. Just like creating a centerpiece, each package has harmony, balance, and unity.  Add quality and function, and you have a gift like no other!

Our gift boxes might look good, but what they’re made of is even better! It is important to us that we are true to our name: Beneboon.  Our own fun word arranged from a combination of the Latin root “bene”, meaning well/good, and “boon”, which is something that is helpful and beneficial. We believe in only offering refined, high quality, fresh and smart products that offer lots of benefits and a bit of indulgence to daily life. We are extremely particular in our product selection; sourcing from vendors and makers who are responsible and provide high quality, sustainable products.  Our inspired and layered collections will delight receivers as they discover their package piece by piece.

We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect gift for any occasion.  Peruse our selection of ready-to-ship gift boxes, or feel free to contact us for your custom gifting needs.

We look forward to it!


Maya Sheinberg