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Thoughtful, beautiful, and just great gifts. 

At BENEBOON, we curate themed sets that are beautifully designed, fun to use, and special all around. Our boxes are filled with inspired collections that any receiver will delight in unwrapping and discovering piece by piece. We believe in offering refined, high quality, fresh and smart products that add lots of benefits and a bit more luxury to daily life. High standards and attention to detail are how we make every gift set a complete, unique and awesome package! 

We believe in gifting with purpose and intention. We work with product makers who are passionate, responsible and create more boon in the world! We aspire to do the same and have pledged to donate a portion of our profits to the Children’s Defense Fund. We strive to continuously evolve and our global hunt for great stuff will never end. Stay connected - our selections are always growing.

The act of Giving has been shown to improve our health & happiness.  It helps us feel grateful and keeps us connected to those we want in our lives.  We believe that both the giver and the receiver experience these benefits and we want our customers to enjoy these great rewards every time.  

Beautifully packaged and delivered...

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