Great Sound & Better Selfies for the Art Toy Collection

Great Sound & Better Selfies for the Art Toy Collection

Diamonds, succulents, those cookies from grandma, AirPods. They say good things come in small packages and we are inclined to agree, especially when it comes to things as fun and collectible as the Xoopar Mini XBoy3 Bluetooth speaker. It’s adorably futuristic, high quality and clean with a powerful sound. You will be bringing the good times along any time anywhere with great sound exploding from this sleek Art Toy design.   

The Xoopar Mini Xboy3 Bluetooth speaker boasts a surprisingly long ranging sound packed into this short and stout body inspired by the Art Toy culture. This tiny animated robotic design is a clever way for a portable speaker to be able to blend into any environment. As inspired by collectible Art Toys, it would settle in well on the shelf amongst the rest of your prized collection, on the office desktop snuggled between your stapler and favorite coffee cup or even as a cheeky addition to your minimalist home décor.

Standing at just 3 inches, it is truly 'Mini'. Despite its miniature stature, this speaker boasts an impressive sound up to 10 meters, so get ready to DJ at the next picnic at the beach or local park. It also comes with a wrist strap so you can easily and literally carry a tune wherever you go. The travel friendly size makes it easy to pack and ideal for road trips. The Xoopar Mini Xboy3’s has a couple of special features that will have the family engrossed long enough to keep anyone from asking if you are there yet. 

The little guy is compatible with a host of devices via Bluetooth and could serve as an extended speaker to a tablet, so everyone can sing along with the current favorite Disney movie. There is also a small button on the back that, while connected, serves as a shutter remote for you to take selfies and videos. In our social media age, this will be a guaranteed hit with the kids, particularly the target age of 8-14 years. 

The face also lights up with different colors LED lights for an added element of fun. A perfect gift, The Xoopar Mini XBoy3 features can be utilized by anyone for everyone. 


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