Wee Gallery's Focus on Baby

Wee Gallery's Focus on Baby

Wee Gallery, created by a husband and wife team, designs products that provide stimulating experiences that can be the salvation you need during bedtime, while out and about or during those fussy diaper changes. With an adorable aesthetic that is also chic in its black and white minimalism, these products greatly assist in a baby’s development early on. We are absolutely in love with their elegant designs, high-quality organic materials, and sustainable practices.

The genesis of Wee Gallery was born from a fascination over the idea of helping a baby’s brain development through vision. This led to creating beautiful and stimulating products specific to a baby’s senses, such as the Organic Muslin Swaddle, Cuddle Bunny, Art Cards for Baby, and the Clutch Ball. 

The Cuddle Bunny was definitely made for its namesake. The combination of the star pattern, embroidered face, and textured body make it the perfect snuggle companion for any time. The Clutch Ball is the perfect baby’s first ball. Inspired by a Sensory Puzzle Ball, its construction allows it to be used in different ways to promote physical stimulation like kicking or clutching. The graphics and materials provide a tactile experience while the organic shell fabrics make this the perfect heirloom gift. Paired with the Cuddle Bunny, baby will be getting plenty of support for mental and physical stimulation.

Another thing we love about Wee Gallery is the company’s commitment to sustainability. The Organic Muslin Swaddle is a large, sustainable, earth-friendly version of the staple necessity with charming illustrations and super cute packaging that you will never stop gushing over. Art Cards for Baby are a set featuring black and white illustrations printed with safe for baby inks on cardboard. Great for ages newborn – 3 yrs, these cards grow with baby. Beginning as fun visual stimuli, keeping baby fixated and focused, they become flashcards as baby gets older, helping with language development and comprehension. 

Wee Gallery’s products use high quality and organic materials while also promoting a love for art and design. Pragmatic, entertaining and beautiful. 


Interested? You can get the Bundle of Joy Gift Set 

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