The Skittle Bottle of Lund London

The Skittle Bottle of Lund London

There are many ways to stay sustainably hydrated, but not as many ways that are as fun and versatile as using the Skittle Bottle made by Lund London. It meets all the requirements for an environmentally friendly, reusable hot and cold thermos bottle that also looks great in a selfie. A bottle that can keep your coffee or soup hot for up to 12 hours and look chic and modern while doing it? That’s definitely worthy of a lengthy Instagram caption.

Traveling with a thermos or water bottle can at times be cumbersome or even an eyesore. A Lund Skittle Bottle comes in a sleek and modern silhouette with a variety of joyful and captivating color options that can be mixed and matched. The Skittle Bottle is available in three sizes: The Mini (10 oz), Original (17 oz) & Jumbo (26 oz), with the Original being the most popular. The Original size will fit perfectly in your everyday tote or backpack. And with its museum-quality design, you won’t even mind if it peeks out a little. For those more intensive days at the gym or long journeys, the Jumbo is the perfect companion. Need a fun
and healthy gift for a growing kid? A Mini in a warm or bright color combo will
fit just right.

Sphere - The Skittle Bottle of Lund London

The thoughtful design of these bottles is also supremely efficient and practical with a double-walled, high grade, recycled stainless-steel construction that will render any concern of condensation inconsequential. It can keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours, hot liquids for up to 12 and will even keep your fizzy drinks bubbling! The unique vacuum seal lids, which are BPA, PVC, and Phthalates free, will prevent leaks and help to reduce your carbon footprint. Each gift set featuring a skittle bottle comes with a second lid so you can switch it up when you want a new look.

We are such big fans of Lund Skittle Bottles; we have included them in five of our sets! Looking good is never as great as feeling good and these colorful, sleek bottles will keep you and the environment clean. 


Bottle - The Skittle Bottle of Lund London

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