Birchrose Body

Birchrose Body

We live our lives always on the move, constantly preoccupied with what’s coming next. Finding the time to simply check in on our own mental and emotional state has become just another box to check off on a never-ending to-do list. Recently, the term ‘self-care’ has emerged online as a social movement to promote the importance of being intentionally mindful of your health. A major part of the ‘self-care’ movement is how you treat the largest organ of your body: your skin. Until recently, your bath and beauty routine were not viewed as an essential aspect of sustaining your health, but today we know better and the ingredients we use to keep our skin thoroughly clean and strong are just as essential.

 The beauty industry is always evolving, and it has come a long way in ethical and natural ingredients. It’s an important part of Beneboon’s mission statement; we curate products from companies that are purposefully ethical and sustainable and Birchrose + Co is a modern apothecary for the body that sources the majority of all their ingredients from within the US. Their body scrubs and soak are free of gluten and are even PETA certified cruelty free. 

We all love an intense spa experience, especially when it comes with a deep exfoliation. The Birchrose + Co products we feature in our sets smell AMAZING and feel so refreshing on the skin. The all-natural and plant-based ingredients create a truly artisanal product that gives the descriptor, “down-to-earth”, a new meaning. The Body Polish with citrus rose & jasmine will scrub and infuse your skin with enriching hydration while the Body Scrub with coffee and peppermint exfoliates and leaves your skin smoother and more toned. Wash all your cares away with the deeply relaxing, aromatherapeutic Bath Soak with coconut and lime. Each body product is packaged in chic and minimalist containers that will sit nicely on your bath shelf next to your everyday products. 

Whether it’s a quick scrub in your daily morning shower or a long deep soak at the end of a hectic week, consistency is key. Make self-care Sundays every day! 

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