Be Cozy - beCandylicious!

Be Cozy - beCandylicious!

An empowered young child can grow up to change the world, especially an empowered young girl. It didn’t just begin and end with the Spice Girls back in the 90’s. Girl Power was not just a fun chant; it was always a truth that has now evolved into ‘Girl Boss’. Confident, assertive and unabashed about who you are and what you love. There are many ways to live authentically with confidence and beCandylicious’s mission statement, “beKind. beYou.” is right up that alley. 

The Girl Power Ultra Luxe Sherpa Blanket from beCandylicious is the epitome of girly nostalgia and it makes the perfect gift for the young kid with an unabashed love for all things bright pink, gummy bears, and candy necklaces. The Sherpa blanket features an eclectic array of iconic imagery and figures from pop culture in a bold and energetic print. Exclusively designed by one of their favorite artists, this blanket has all the classics. We’re pretty sure Wonder Woman, Barbie AND a gloriously large rainbow sprinkled donut is a combo we can all agree on. 

Colorful and straight sugar candy still holds a special place in our hearts. Have you ever met a child that did not like cotton candy? We dare you to prove us wrong! In 2018, the Sweethearts company that makes the classic heart shaped candies, such as the ‘Be Kind’ heart featured on the blanket, was possibly going to be discontinued and the news created a wave of hysteria across the internet. To all of our relief and delight, Sweethearts was saved, keeping those heart shaped messages alive on Valentine’s Day for years to come. 

Do you know that gummy bears can come as a single 5lb version? If you are wondering exactly how big of a gummy bear that would be, look no further than the large gummy bear printed on the ultra-luxe Sherpa blanket. 

The Girl Power Ultra Luxe Sherpa Blanket is incredibly soft and perfectly over-sized. At 50 in x 65 in, it makes the perfect throw blanket to wrap up and snuggle in while watching your favorite movie. The future is female, so why not be cozy on the way? 



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Interested? You can get this Blanket with the Girl Power gift set!

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